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My Books on Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale 2016

There are many books on Smashwords discounted this July, and my books are among those. You can get them for 1.5$, instead of 3$ throughout the whole month. Just use the codeSSW50 at checkout.

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Here are two poems from my new book "Indestructible & Other Poems":


Earlier my body
was machine
with programs
for flying
for jumping
for fighting

Now my
machine parts
are rusty
and my programs

My soul is
not machine
but it’s still
It knows
how to fly
how to jump
how to fight

Planet in Your Eyes

In your eyes I see a new planet
In your eyes I see a better planet

I see the planet where the sea is standstill
I see the planet where the land is standstill

I see the planet where hatred is absent
I see the planet where torment is absent

In your eyes I see my favorite planet
I want to live forever on that planet

Here are two poems from my first poetry collection "The Poems Choose Me":

Music Is A Drug

Music is a drug
a multipurpose hologram
In sadness
it is my weeping friend
In ecstasy
it takes me
to the sweetest galaxy
In fury
it is the tranquilizer
In happiness
it is the waltz of lovers
Music is a drug
I admit addiction
Today I am taking
one more injection

Crying Tigress

Have you seen the crying tigress?
I can see her right hand
holding a yellow pen.
She weeps and wails,
but it's only a little rest
of power tests.
In the morning she will bite again.

Thank you very much for reading! :)